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Look who I discovered in Ghana

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. – Plato

Enjoy two boys I never spoke with but feel I know after watching them play on a warm June day in Ghana.

A pail.  And so the adventure begins…

Click here to watch the “silent movie”


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How to Prepare for the Olympic Games

Summer is reading a good book under the shade of a tree.  A good book… one that takes you to another place and time, grabs your attention and won’t let you go until you reach the conclusion, only to wish there was more to the fascinating story you’ve entered.  But this story is no fairy tale, science fiction or distant world.  It is true and continues to be lived today.

Running for My Life tells the story of Lopez Lomong an athlete that we will soon watch on television as he participates in his second Olympic games.  He will run the 5000 as part of Team USA in London later this summer.  But his journey as a runner began unexpectedly when he was just 6 years old, running for his life from the civil war in Sudan in 1991.  His escape from rebel soldiers took him to a refugee camp in Kenya for 10 years living with other Lost Boys from Sudan.  Syracuse, my hometown, was his first home in America joining the Rogers family in nearby Tully.  Our community is home to many resettled refugees and his story is only one of many that inspire our community. His running has taken him to college, the Olympics and given him a platform and voice to help his homeland of Sudan and the people there.

Many times while watching the Olympics we are given a glimpse of the athletes before they took the world stage with their incredible athletic ability.  Learning the stories of these athletes is one of my favorite parts of watching the games.  Lopez Lomong’s story is certainly one of pain, suffering and hardship but all that is overshadowed by his tremendous drive, hope and selfless endeavors for the people of South Sudan.  I was looking forward to the Olympics as a spectator.  But now, I am a fan.  A fan of Lopez Lomong.  And not because I want to see him win a race and stand on a podium for a short time with a medal around his neck.  I am a fan because he knows that the race set before him is one that includes much more than a gold medal.  It includes a life filled with loving God, loving those around him and loving his homeland and it’s people of South Sudan.

Let the games begin!

To learn more about Lopez Lomong and 4 South Sudan go to:

This book was received free for two honest reviews. (After reading it, I would gladly buy it)

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