Vegetarian Gluten-Free and Delicious?

Call me a nay sayer. Or a meat and wheat snob. But I was skeptical about eating vegetarian gluten-free meals with my daughter. Tonight she convinced me otherwise with this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, one of her favorite food blogs.

Charred Corn Tacos with Zucchini-Radish Slaw

These corn tacos were delicious. And always the artist, she said the colors were beautiful as well. I was too busy eating to notice the colors. This is the same child that was far from a vegetarian. When she was younger her idea of variety was plain spaghetti noodles with parmesan cheese instead of without. A bagel with cream cheese instead of butter. Cheese pizza with parmesan cheese instead of without. You get the idea.

But our children change and mature sometimes with the help of our parenting and sometimes in spite of it. My cousin was of the parenting variety that pressed the issue of eating everything on your plate. And if you didn’t finish it at dinner you had another opportunity at breakfast. My friend allowed her children to eat round the clock, whatever you want, wherever you want, with no expectations that even resembled manners. We chose somewhere between those two for our meal times. Eating was done at the table, you tried what was served but didn’t have to finish it. But if the cook couldn’t eat it, you were off the hook. There are vegetables I don’t like so I wasn’t going to ask my kids to eat them. But now, all three of them enjoy a wide variety of foods far beyond what I ever exposed them to at our table. And they are more health conscious in their choices than they ever learned from me. In spite of my influence they have become dessert in moderation, vegetable loving, nutrition conscious food connoisseurs.

I hope food is not the only area where this applies.


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