It’s all in how you say it

Who would have known that the traffic signs, window advertisements and street names would bring so much enjoyment on a vacation.

This sign followed us around the entire trip. Hmmmm….

Our daughter worked on this project in Michigan and it was posted in a storefront in Edinburgh??

Terrible photo because I was laughing.

Golf in Scotland is a walking sport.  Who would take a golf cart if they had to ask for a buggie?

A Husband Creche!  Of course I dropped him off.

I felt smarter just reading this.

Non Golfer is a dirty word in Scotland.  You have to park in the lower lot and pay.  Free parking at the door for golfers.

Need I say more?

True in older times as well.

My favorite.  Rocky’s in Fayetteville only has gum.


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One response to “It’s all in how you say it

  1. Barb

    What fun signs! Imagine being on the “watch” for the elderly pedestrians. “”Wurst is not one of my favorites…or could it be what they call hot dogs in Scotland. Thanks for sharing your keen sense of humor..B

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