Unexpected Scottish Beauty

There were many things I expected in Scotland: golf, haggis, rain, wind, castles.  But I was not expecting the abundant flowers and colors of the landscape.  The photos in the big coffee table books, I assumed, were taken in a few select places on an exceptional day.  But what I found was beauty around every corner, in the garden, field and landscape.  The small blossoms in the corner of a garden to the expansive fields of waving barley and oats were all around us.  Everyday.  Everywhere.  Cultivated or sown by the wind the entire country felt like one continuous garden.


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One response to “Unexpected Scottish Beauty

  1. Barb

    How very observant you are…thank you for sharing the beauty, The purple
    cockleshells (?) look as if they are made out of silk. I am glad you stopped to “smell the roses”…actually to “view nature’s beauty”. Those are great pictures. Would look good framed and put on the wall…Barb

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