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It’s all in how you say it

Who would have known that the traffic signs, window advertisements and street names would bring so much enjoyment on a vacation.

This sign followed us around the entire trip. Hmmmm….

Our daughter worked on this project in Michigan and it was posted in a storefront in Edinburgh??

Terrible photo because I was laughing.

Golf in Scotland is a walking sport.  Who would take a golf cart if they had to ask for a buggie?

A Husband Creche!  Of course I dropped him off.

I felt smarter just reading this.

Non Golfer is a dirty word in Scotland.  You have to park in the lower lot and pay.  Free parking at the door for golfers.

Need I say more?

True in older times as well.

My favorite.  Rocky’s in Fayetteville only has gum.


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Unexpected Scottish Beauty

There were many things I expected in Scotland: golf, haggis, rain, wind, castles.  But I was not expecting the abundant flowers and colors of the landscape.  The photos in the big coffee table books, I assumed, were taken in a few select places on an exceptional day.  But what I found was beauty around every corner, in the garden, field and landscape.  The small blossoms in the corner of a garden to the expansive fields of waving barley and oats were all around us.  Everyday.  Everywhere.  Cultivated or sown by the wind the entire country felt like one continuous garden.

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