In the driver’s seat without a steering wheel

Riding along with our three teenagers as they were learning to drive is no match to the last two weeks in the passenger seat in Scotland. I’ve been sitting in the usual driver’s seat on the left side but without a steering wheel. My desire for control has never been stronger. And to add more anxiety, we’re in the left hand lane (most of the time). As the front seat passenger I have the constant feeling I am riding on the curb, in a pothole or better yet, in the ditch that is ever present 6 inches off the pavement. And that feeling has been a reality more times than I can count.

This has been a test of nerves, marital harmony and controlling the tongue. At home I am comfortable giving up control in the passenger seat on the right. I’ve learned over time how to live in that seat, relax and enjoy the ride. But here in Scotland, where the rules of the road have changed, I am sitting where I would assume I have control but all the rules have changed.

How often I assume that I have control of the circumstances in my life, only to find that the slightest change or unexpected difficulty can bring that assumption to it’s knees. The view from the left has given me a chance to reflect on control. My desire for it. The assumption that I have it. And the rest that can come when you trust the one who does have control.

Sitting in the driver’s seat without a steering wheel again today.


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  1. Barb

    Since I have two grown grandchildren and two grown daughters, I am beginning to understand, according to all four of them, that I am no longer capable to be behind the wheel of a car. Although I have not had an accident in over 35 years, and then just a fender bender, they believe my best driving days are behind me. They rush to grab the keys out of my hand as we head out the door. Each and every one of them say, ” I’ll drive, I don’t trust your driving”. I find it interesting their father/grandfather continues to be allowed to drive them and himself all over the place without a peep from any of these family members. I have always been a “Take charge” kind of person, independent, competent, self-assured and confident in my abilities.
    My sister shares her situation is also the same as mine. Her adult daughters and grandchildren always grab her keys.

    As my life continues to evolve, I find I am putting my keys in the hands of Christ (more often) and allowing Him to drive my body, mind and spirit.
    After almost 50 years of driving a car, I am told I am incapable of driving safe. After almost 60+ years of driving my own life, I believe I am incapable of continuing to drive the way I used to. I don’t agree with my family on the car issue. I believe with all my heart driving my own life is no longer successful. Lord knows, I have had a lot of “Accidents” and plenty of “Injuries” and when I am able to turn over my keys to him, my family, my life and my soul is definitely a lot “Safer”. I will deal with the car issue later..

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