Small Steps

Mark is a wise guy.  And he’s also a guy with a great amount of wisdom.  I joined a team he was leading a few years ago and I have never regretted it. Being on this team has given me a front row seat to watch him lead others, confront in truth with grace and display what great friendships look like up close. When our team has faced difficult decisions he has often said we needed to . . . .

Take small steps forward in the right direction.  -M. Hebert

That small bit of wisdom has proven to be very helpful.  If we can continue to move forward in the right direction, though our progress is small or slow it will still get us where we are trying to go.  Another advantage, small steps give time for everyone involved to move together, feel connected and share in the achievement.

This past week I was able to watch my parents take small steps in the right direction.  I mentioned this visit last week in a previous post. I was hoping they would be willing to receive help so they could continue to live in their own home as they age.  They had been unwilling, until now.  They have agreed to receive help once a week.  Like I said, small steps.  Yes, the hands that were always so quick to give have now begun to receive.

I learned a great deal about myself last week as I prepared to visit, reflected on giving and receiving and my willingness to be a gracious receiver.  Like everyday, I’m just trying to take small steps in the right direction.



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  1. Sue Plemons

    This is perhaps one of my favorite post. So much wisdom is just 4 little paragraphs. I love the fact that we never stop being students but it’s even better that we have people around us willing to share wisdom. Thanks

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