Small drops of water joined together over time can cause the most fortified dams to burst.

Individual warriors fighting together as one army can penetrate the mightiest of fortresses.

Single voices united in solidarity can overthrow the most entrenched dictator or regime.

It doesn’t happen all at once.  It takes time and perseverance.  But when momentum takes hold, the single efforts begin to synchronize and the efforts of the individual become greater because they are now a whole, you can feel it.  Today, I can feel it.

Modern day slavery has met its match in the individual voices that have begun to speak out and act, Pam Cope and Bob Goff are great examples.  These voices have infected small grass root organizations like PACODEP and Restore International as they work on the front lines of rescue and rehabilitation. Larger organizations have begun to tackle legislation, enforcement and prosecution, such as World Vision and International Justice Mission. And the media, CNN, is turning its powerful eye towards the fight.  Yes, the momentum is building.

All of this is fueled by the voice of the individual.  And today you can use your voice.  Sign International Justice Mission’s letter to President Obama.  25,000 voices asking him to join this movement to end modern-day slavery.  Can you feel it?

Sign the letter here.  And pass it along.


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