Macro vs. Micro

A picture speaks louder than words.

We’ve all heard it, and yesterday I saw it.  These two pictures tell a story about my visit to Haiti that speak to the magnitude of the issues and the current abilities and methods to address them.

An enormous problem being addressed with tools and resources inadequate for the task.  A situation that appears hopeless.  Many would only sit by and give up, relinquishing their future to the current condition.  But a few will take what little resource they have and begin to take steps forward.

I met two of the few that are taking steps toward the future, Magnus and Edlyne.  They are two bright spots shining in a remote area of rural Haiti leading the way forward.  They are managing a development program working with cooperative groups of 3-12 people who have a plan, drive and determination to create opportunities for themselves, their families and their community.  The IF-Foundation.  They are not the biggest, the oldest or the most well-recognized NGO working in Haiti.  But they are a few who are undaunted by the scope of the problems and the patterns of history that have stepped up to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem in the larger picture.

I am often paralyzed when I look at the challenge at hand, frozen by the size, scope and amount of effort it will take to make a small impact.  It is hard to see the first small step forward.  This comes when I am faced with a difficult conversation, a decision that I know will cause sacrifice or pain rather than comfort in my life or a choice that will ultimately eliminate other options.  I was encouraged this week by Magnus and Edlyn.  Encouraged to step up, when it is far easier to sit and watch, even if the situation is larger than I can imagine a solution to.


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  1. Ken

    Funny. So many of us consider you the source of inspiration and motivation.
    Lead on, /K

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