A Month of Thanksgiving

Whether your children are young or old you are as much a teacher as you are a learner.  Sometimes you learn that laying in the grass watching the clouds is more important than the dirty dishes that are piled in the sink.  Sometimes you learn that taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon does everyone, even those over 4 years of age, a world of good.  Sometimes you learn that you can’t fix the hurt or take it away, but you can share it to ease the burden.  You set out early in parenthood thinking that you’re the teacher, but from this vantage point, I think I’m more the learner.

Who taught my daughter to take the time to be thankful – everyday for an entire month?  That surely wasn’t me.  I didn’t lead by example.  But I’m learning from her’s.  Who taught my daughter to care deeply about her faith and live it out with her life?  I’d like to think it was me.  But I think it was more the others that  have surrounded her and those she intentionally surrounded herself with that have demonstrated to her how to allow truth and love to penetrate your whole life.

I am a student these days.

And to follow her example, I’m thankful for my daughter – living within God’s story right in front of everyone.  Including me.


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