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Writing Your Own Story

Who doesn’t love a good book or movie?  One where there is great conflict, peril and danger. These are the stories I watch or read over and over, identifying with the characters, lost in the story of their fictional lives.  Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, was a great read that I have recommended or now given away several times over. He tells the story of what makes a great story.  And not just a story you’d want to read, but a story you’d want to live.

For me now, past the mid-point of my life (I think I can safely say I’m past half time) I can look back and say that there are chapters in my life that were a great story, full of adventure, conflict, pain and triumph.  And then there were chapters that you could skip over because they would lull you to sleep.  Same routine, different day, without too much variation.  Just plodding along keeping everything steady and even keel. That was the goal, the aim and the achievement.  Trying to avoid the hospital, the principal’s office and policemen.  Somewhere along the way aiming for routine became the target because it was the opposite of chaos.  Sometimes just surviving the day seems like enough.

Miller says every great story has an inciting incident that the character embarks on, something to shake things up, stretch you, challenge you and ultimately help you live a great story.  Might make your life harder, messier, painful but it’s a life lived, not just survived.

The book is a great read and to catch the update of the minute by minute happenings that have taken place since the book was written check out:  Save Blue Like Jazz (and when I say minute to minute, I mean currently happening now, don’t miss it)

This is a book that compels you to live your story, live a great story.  Not just one you survive.


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