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Clean vs. Cleaner

A small thing can make a big difference for me. A kernel of wisdom, a different perspective or a new way of defining an old problem can drastically change my attitude and outlook. This time, its clean vs. cleaner.

I’ve never been one to need an immaculately clean house. I learned a long time ago there is a big difference between a clean house and a straightened house. Straight can happen with a quick stuffing of the closet, swooping up all the “stuff” into a basket that goes into hiding or a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Straight but far from clean.

But now and then there’s no getting around the inevitable, we need to clean the house. Just that phrase alone sends me into a paralyzed state both mentally and physically. Where do I start? How long will this take?

But change that dreaded phrase to ” we need to make the house cleaner” and I can hear the birds chirping, smell the flowers blooming and feel the breeze on my face. It’s attainable. No matter how big the task, I can do it. I can make the house cleaner than it is now, by just doing one thing!

And this isn’t just the house getting clean. When I’ve applied this to other areas of my life that seem insurmountable, just move things a little closer to the goal – not only can I do it, I want to do it. The task doesn’t have to be complete, just begun.

Where will you begin today? I think I’ll start with the kitchen counter and then go read a book in the hammock. :)


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