Doing anything alone can get, well,… lonely.  Discouraging, stuck for lack of resources and difficult.  Anything, and especially parenting.  But when we are collaborating with another, say the church, then the potential for success is much greater.  Collaborate is a book  containing the thoughts, ideas or philosophies of 35 different authors on how the church and family can collaborate together to encourage the spiritual growth of children.

Thirty five different authors giving a glimpse of their thought or experience is a bit like going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and having an incredible tasting session with those little pink spoons.  Each one gives you an instant feeling or “mmm, I want more”, “not bad” or “ooo, don’t need any more of that”.  WIth 35 different views (tastes) I was able to find a few of each.

Each time I read a book, I can always find a few take aways.  Here are mine:

  • The church can help the family by just giving them an opportunity to be together with no hidden agenda. With family members torn in different directions with busy schedules they need a reason to just “be” together in a shared experience.  Nothing wrong with a good ole’ game night just for fun!
  • The church would do well to take every opportunity to equip parents to be involved in milestone events (like baptism) rather than pull their children away into the hands of the “professionals”.  Provide parents the tools, resources, training and encouragement they need, not do it for them.
  • Parents of teens need all the encouragement they can get.  Don’t beat them up with guilt, judgment or comparison.  The church would do better to build a culture of compassion, compatriots and mentors for both the teen and the parent.
  • Provide a shared experience for the entire family for the family to rally around.  A weekend service where everyone is hearing the same topic/story/scripture is one Big Idea.  Perhaps a shared experience around a service project or event that provides both the family and church to encourage one another.

Collaborate is a good book to get an introduction to the many varied ideas that are being used around the world to bring the family and church together.

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4 responses to “Collaborate

  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing your favorite parts. I especially like the quote about supporting parents of teens… they DO need it!

  2. I totally agree with all your takeaway points and have to say that the parents of teens comment got an “oh yeah” from me as I am the mom to 2 teens LOL.

    Loved the review!

  3. As I read your post, I walked away with the thought that families just need to live life TOGETHER. It takes a lot of effort in the world we live in!

  4. This is a great synopsis! I like many of the same things you like, go figure!

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