mon·o·chro·mat·ic  [mon-uh-kroh-mat-ik, -oh-kruh-]

adjective: using only one color;  lacking in variety;  monotonous

I must admit I had become monochromatic.  I was monotonous, lacked variety and yes, one-dimensional in my postings on human trafficking.   And I am more than a single focus.  I have a variety of interests, ideas and thoughts.  (Ask my husband, he’ll tell you I can jump from one topic to another with little or no warning – I might add, this is not the best strategy for good communication)  But I had begun to use one single voice.  My passion and interest in human trafficking has not dimensioned but I need to balance it with the other aspects of my life and thoughts.

My recent trip to Washington DC brought the opportunity to lobby with a World Vision staffer on Capitol Hill.  He continually told each of us to “use our voice” at home.  We discussed how powerful our voice is as constituents with our congressmen and women.  As we spoke I told him of my concern that if I use my voice at home to only speak about one issue, people will begin to turn down the volume and see me as one-dimensional, a continual “talking cause” and nuisance.  A single message that seeks to mobilize others can quickly become annoying.  He offered no words of wisdom or help in how to find a balance.  Maybe he hasn’t found it either.

I’ll go back to reflecting on a variety of topics and try to find a balance.  But I make no apologies for the times that I get stuck and become monochromatic. Those that are oppressed are unable to speak in their defense.  And when I get the opportunity I will ask you to join me in speaking for them.  Together we can bring more than one voice, we can bring many sounds and harmonies that will not only garner an audience that will listen but maybe an invitation to join in the chorus as well.


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  1. Barb

    I can appreciate your analysis of yourself in your quest for human freedom. When I am learning about a new topic, I often become obsessed and want everyone to learn from me. I used to be disappointed because my loved ones did not share in my excitement . While they were interested in what I was doing, it was made clear it was just “Not their bag”. However, I believe we are effective through our passions and others are drawn to a new way of thinking through our sharing. If they are open-minded, they will also grow with us as we attempt to “educate” with our newly found excitement. Pioneers, adventurers, inventors, and explorers needed to be single focused in order to succeed. Perhaps monochromatic might also mean “focused” for many colors can cause “visual” interference and take away from the prime idea which the producer is trying to express. Just a thought!

    Ralph Waldo Emerson once famously wrote, “It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man (woman) can sincerely help one another without helping him (her) self. In order words, be monochromatic when necessary, and mix in a lot of polychromatic, so the flavor or life remains alive.

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