Rescued off the Volta

Obsessed.  You might say I’ve been obsessed the past week with posts about modern-day slavery and human trafficking.  And you’d be right.  It has captured my interest and my heart.  I mentioned last week that I had seen a glimpse of this first hand.

Last November I spent a week in Ghana and traveled to Kete Krachi on Lake Volta to meet George Achibra Jr.  George spends hours on Lake Volta searching for children trafficked into the fishing industry, speaking with the fishing boat masters and negotiating for the release of a child.  It is a long process that takes days, weeks and months.  And once a child is rescued the work has only just begun.  They are transferred to one of the two safe houses funded by Touch a Life.  They too are obsessed.  And that obsession has led to rescue.

Seven young children were rescued off Lake Volta in Ghana last week through the work of Touch a Life,  and George Achibra Jr.  That is just more fuel for the fire!

You can read more at the following links:

Touch a Life

Tony Fratto’s eyewitness account

Tony’s pictures


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