The North Star – a beacon of hope

The north star, Polaris, was instrumental in guiding slaves seeking freedom along the Underground Railroad and today the Polaris Project is doing the same.  Polaris Project is one of the largest anti trafficking organizations in the United States working towards “a world without slavery”.  I stumbled across Polaris Project as my interest and knowledge of the stark realities of modern-day slavery and human trafficking has increased.

The statics are numbing

– 12 million people worldwide are in bondage for sexual exploitation or forced labor.  Some estimates are as high as 27 million.

– modern-day slavery is the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world –  estimated at 32 billion dollars annually.

– there are and estimated 200,000 American children at high risk for trafficking into the sex industry.

While I sit in my house, at my computer, in a quiet suburban neighborhood those statistics seem more like fiction than fact.  But as I’ve read, researched and seen – it is very real.  I have only seen a small glimpse but it was enough to get me moving.  It is an “unfavorable condition of life” that in some small way, I want to contribute to its demise.

My small step of activism today – vote for Katherine Chon, the founder of Polaris Project, for the “People’s Voice” Award.  The winner’s organization will receive $50,000.

Just 2 clicks, 1 vote, a small step – but one I will take today to help provide a beacon of hope to modern-day slaves.  You can too.  Vote here.



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4 responses to “The North Star – a beacon of hope

  1. sybil

    Great job Kathy, your heart is speaking loud and clear!… I look forward to following your journey. I voted too, and am passing it on!

  2. Sherry Tester

    I voted!

  3. Lori McCrohan

    I voted.

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