The Decorating Doctor Is In

I had all the usual symptoms:  rash (of new ideas), eye strain (from the old color) and fatigue (tired of the same old thing).  I called my Decorating Doctor.  She was quick to diagnosis the problem and give me the prescription I needed.  A room make over!

She is your typical Decorating Doctor.  She brings the wonderful ideas, colors, textures, window treatment ideas and furniture arrangement.  And she also uses your credit card, leaves you with more work to do than you have time and calls repeatedly to see if you’re finished yet so she can come see the finished product. She gets all the fun and I get all the work.  In order to get over this I have a long to do list for the next few days, or weeks.

Craigslist added a “new” chair yesterday and tomorrow I’ll get the paint.

Little does my son know, but the cure involves him as well.

It’s a good thing I only get this once a year.


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