New Wheels

We pick up my new set of wheels today.  When I dreamed of life without a van I pictured myself in a sporty little car, stick shift and a moon roof that was perpetually open with sunshine pouring in.  Zoom Zoom.  (I guess I really do have a little of my Dad’s Nascar dna after all)

And I really liked my friends suggestion of a nice classic 57 Chevy but I’d hate to ruin that beauty with road salt.  Did they even make seat belts in cars back then?

We’ve settled on a Honda Pilot that presented itself as an offer too good to refuse.  Clean, good in the snow, half the miles of the van I was driving last week, checked out with the mechanic and a price we couldn’t beat.  It’s not the sporty little thing I was thinking of but that’s ok.  The only regret is giving up the moon roof with that Syracuse sunshine pouring in everyday.  And if you live up here you know – that really was a dream.



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2 responses to “New Wheels

  1. Warren

    If I squint just right and hold the picture of your new car a little at an angle it looks just like the 57 Chevy. Enjoy!

  2. Courtney

    Zoom zoom! Gradually moving smaller and to less seats. I’m proud of you for moving away from the vans…step in the right direction.

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