Time for a Change

We’ve owned 4 mini vans in the past 22 years.  Which means I was the primary driver and chauffeur of a bus for over 2 decades.  Great resume builder.  There was a brief period of 2-3 years when I drove a Volvo with a temperamental sunroof that seemed to get stuck in the open position and push me over the edge on many occasions. (we’ll save that story for another post)

  • The loaf of bread – an old blue/white VW bus, yes, just like the one they drive around on LOST.
  • The silver bullet – a newer VW Vanagon with rear facing seats, pop up table and doors that would not stay shut in the winter time when driving up the hill in our neighborhood.
  • The Woody – a Plymouth mini van with wood siding complete with a door that would fall off in its later years.
  • The Honda – my current mode of transportation.  No one else likes to drive it but it’s reliable, I’ve never had to push it to get it started, the doors don’t fly open or fall off, it has heat, it has ac.  It’s a great vehicle.

But…it’s time for a change.  Or so I thought, until we actually have someone who might want to buy it.  Now we have to think through the financial stuff, the new unknown, the things we’ll be giving up vs. the things we’ll gain.  What to do, what to do.

Change, big or small, always involves risk.  Will the new be better than the old?  What if I don’t like the new that means the change will be even harder since I’ll have to adjust my attitude and expectations.  When I begin to get too comfortable with things as they are I usually haven’t experienced change in a while, that makes it seem even more of a risk.  Little changes along the way, each day, each week, each year of my life encourages me stay fresh, flexible and adaptable.  And I think it helps me stay dependent too, leaning on God not myself.  I don’t get so sure of myself and my own abilities.  Not a bad place to be.

Will it sell?  What would be the replacement?  We’ll soon find out.


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