Marco Island

Day 1 – Christmas Day – We flew early in the day unaware of the weather and security problems happening around the country’s airports.  We arrived in Miami and went about renting a car, ho-hum, everything routine.  Being Christmas Day we were very hungry with little options for food.  Courtney used her new iphone to research, call and map options near by.  But even those turned out to be closed.  Leah found a little pizza place tucked into the corner of a plaza that was delicious.

With our hunger pains relieved we headed towards Alligator Alley and Marco Island.  Less than 10 minutes out we heard a loud thumping.  Flat tire.  Russell unloaded the trunk, put on the little spare and off we went to the nearest exit and the old trusty “Fix a Flat” cure.  The hole in the tire was too big for that easy fix.

So back to the airport for us to get a new rental car.  Oh, and in the parking lot of the gas station Joe pulled out his skateboard only to lose a wheel bearing on his board.  He too was in need of repairs now.  After several u-turns (Cassie says it takes 3 to make it a “real” adventure.  ours is definitely real by now) around the Miami airport looking for the Rental Car Return we turned in our first rental car, unload and wait for Russell to return with another.

The rental counter lines are jammed with 100+ people looking for cars, since we already returned one we were in the short line.  We head up to the 2nd floor and locate another car on aisle D, pack the trunk, pile in and we’re ready to go.  Ooops.  We check the ticket and actually our car is the one parked right next to us, space D-1 not D-3.  Pile out, unload, reload, pile in.  Our reward – this car only has 3.8 miles on it!  Our first new car, even though it’s only for 1 week.  And now we’re off!  Good bye Miami.  Oh, and as a side note, Joe went back down to the counter area on the first floor to get a bottle of water while we loading and unloading the 3rd car.  When he returned he said the elevator was out-of-order, no stairs to be found and the only solution he saw was going down the “up side” of the escalator.  He said, “Man, I didn’t know how hard that was.  I’ve never had to do it before.”  Joe.

Day 2 – 7 – A few clouds, sun, breeze, ocean, sand, books, bikes, games, pool, hot tub, movies, jet skis, eating/cooking, sleeping in, sunsets.  Vacation.   No matter how it started, it was wonderful.


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