How much do you know?

A while back several members of our KidQuest team were meeting to plan the year’s summer program.  We needed to navigate the move to a new space, evaluate the programs effectiveness, think through a multi site program and a multiple leadership teams.  At the end of the meeting my friend and team-mate said,

“This has really been helpful.  We didn’t know how much we didn’t know.”  J. DuVal

How profound.  I scribbled down her words and posted them in my office.  It’s a great reminder for me.

The struggles we were having on our team were due to assuming that things would not change even though many new factors had been presented for the next year.  It would take a team willing to look at the entire program from a new perspective.  And maybe even let go of comfort and our personal favorites to make way for something better.  I often assume I know all I need to know.  Being willing to listen and learn, no matter how well you know the situation or how many times you’ve done it before is hard.  Being teachable and willing to say, I don’t know,  but I’m willing to listen, learn and be open to new ideas.  Somedays I’m better at that than others.  That’s why this quote is on my wall, to remind me to keep learning.

I don’t know how much I don’t know.


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